For those of you who don’t know what a meme is, it isn’t a silly word created by the internet. It’s definition is: a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition. While the “cultural part” is questioned by some people about internet memes, they are certainly repeated.

Memes are mostly for amuse or to move people, or to affect politics. It is a way of bringing people together. But how do memes come into affect? It’s rather simple: if  the idea is amazing, catchy, funny, or ridiculous enough, it will spread and attract people like a virus spreads through a country. It uses the internet as its medium and spreads.

I’ve witness the creation of a meme firsthand when I was at Otakon 2011, an anime convention (don’t judge me!). There were a lot of vendors outside of the convention trying to sell us food, water, and various knickknacks.  There was a particular vendor with a raspy voice, probably from smoking, trying to sell people “ice cold water” to people in a catchy rap using a megaphone.

Here’s what he rapped:

I found it pretty funny, but a lot of people found it hysterical. At the convention, people yelled “I got that ice cold water” and people would respond in turn “and it’s only one DOLLAR!”. After the convention, people really started to spread that around including a lot of “text, picture, text” pictures including this one:

What I find really funny is that they have a dubstep remixes of it, and some of them aren’t that bad.

Because of this meme, I feel more apart of the people that go to Otakon. I can respond to the call like everyone else, and they know I’ve witnessed this man in his moment of glory and enjoyed it like them. It may only be a small point of connection, but it helps me to feel more comfortable about being with all these strangers at the convention.

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