Warning: Text Picture Text is not an internet official term for this time of thing, but it’s what some people call it and a good name for it for me (plus there isn’t a real term for it anyway).

It is very simple: have some text the top, a picture animal or person in the middle, then more text on the bottom. The hard part is making something that’s memorable and interesting enough that people want to spread it. What usually happens is that the top text gives a situation and the bottom text is what the displayed person or animal would do or suggest to do in that situation It’s a way of expressing an idea through personification. It’s kind of hard to understand through only words, so here’s an example:

Advice dog is one of the original text picture text memes (probably, it’s hard to keep track of things on the interwebs).  Though this is not the best example of Text Picture Text, it is an excellent example of Advice Dog:

After this came a lot of different ideas for certain animals, like insanity wolf, the wolf that does completely ridiculous things, or Awkward Penguin (we have a lot in common) who does a lot of awkward things. Ones with humans were also created like College Freshman and B0romir.

It can be used to vent your feelings in ridiculous ways. I could use Socially Awkward Penguin to talk about how awkward I feel about trying to get directions, or Success Kid to portray how awesome it felt when I tried to make my classmates follow me into a long route to class but found a shortcut instead. I can also use to talk about how annoying some girls on facebook can be or how annoying some teachers can be. People even use it to advertise politicians.

So if you want a laugh or just get something out of your system go to site like memegenerator.com and either look at some of these memes or make some of theme.