This is one of the first meme I got into, and I still hold it close to my heart.

LOL-Cats is a very simple meme. You have a picture of a count in a situation and you try to make a joke out it so that you Laugh Out Loud (LOL). One of the first and most famous ones is this, the Cheezburger” cat:


The cute face looks hopeful and possibly asking for something. I think what made is funny and so popular was that he asked for a , something most people would ever expect. Most people found this cat hilarious and started sharing him everywhere. The website,, dedicated there entire website around this one cat and produced lots of cats similar to him, called LOL Cats. A lot of the other LOL Cats use the grammar used as the Cheezburger cat known as LOLCat speak. There is even a programming language for it (just for the lols of course).

LOL cats are a lot of the times cats in funny situations saying funny things, but some are also very cute with cats saying cute thing. It’s one of those cat fandoms (I might talk about this eventually, give me comments of whether want it or not). It has spread to lots of other animals but I think cats are still the most popular.

It is a way of relieving stress by laughing and awing at pictures of cats. When I first found LOL-cats, I spent hours looking at these pictures to help me forget about the stress of an upcoming test (not the most productive method) or just the normal worries of life. So help the world feel better by taking picture of your cat doing something cute or funny, add a caption, and post it on the web.