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Facebook Memes

I’m not talking about memes about Facebook, I’m talking about memes on Facebook.

The criteria for a meme to spread on Facebook is a little different than those on other sites. There is the occasional really funny one that goes around Facebook, but the usual ones have a bit of a trend.

First of all, they’re usually an image that makes it easy to tag people in. The “tag your friends” pictures where you tag your friends to describe them. This made friends feel they were appreciated and understood (assuming they were tagged in the right spot). This was pretty popular a couple of years ago, but now the use of it has died down.

From Hug Pages

Another aspect of a meme that spreads on Facebook is that it has to do something with yourself. Whether describing how bad your life is or your views on life in a meaningful way, if it is relate-able to a lot of different people, it will spread like wildfire. The “What people think I do” meme is a very good example. It describes people’s different view points of what they believe a part of your life is about. Society thinks that being a doctor is like being on Grey’s Anatomy, while their actually is a buttload of paperwork involved. This meme can be very funny and makes you think more about certain professions and activities.

from Know Your Memes

Now that you know how to make a meme trending on Facebook, remember to use it responsibly. If you only post memes on Facebook, it might ruin Facebook’s image. Instead of being a place to talk about yourself, through constant meme posting it might turn be a place to just post funny pictures, like Tumblr or Reddit. There is also the chance that people will start ignoring your posts entirely, which is probably more likely. So be very careful about posting these type of things.


Teach me How to Plank

Some find this meme annoying. Other people find it hilarious.  This spread throughout the internet like wildfire and people are amazed why it became so popular.

Planking is very simple: Lie down straight, rigid, and face first anywhere.

It is rather ridiculous. Planking is trolling in its own right because it makes a lot of people angry and confused. Why would you do this? What does it mean? Doesn’t it hurt? A lot of people join in on the fun of messing with people, others just want to join because it seems like fun. I remember planking at the center line while playing capture the flag to make fun of people just standing around guarding their sides.

This meme gives people a way to be a creative. You can plank anywhere to make some sort of statement. People plank on top of statues, in the middle of the street (I don’t recommend it), even on people planking (plankception!). The only thing that is stopping you is your own imagination!

The spin-offs of of this has also been pretty creative. A simpler one is owling, where you crouch instead of lie down. The cooler one I’ve seen is horsemaning, where you take a picture of yourself looking the headless horseman. I always wonder what they’ll think of next.

People also need to be careful while planking. Ridiculous as it seems, there have been planking accidents. People who are stupid enough to plank on the ledge of high buildings and accidentally fall.

So remember kids: planking may be fun but think of your own safety first!

XKCD (w/e that means)

XKCD is a webcomic, a series of cartoons posted on the web ,and is one of my favorites. The title is just a string of 4 words that has no meaning and isn’t an acronym for anything. The creator is Randall Monroe, a nerd, programmer, and artist. His comics consists only of stick figures as character, but that does not make him a bad artist. It just means that he spends less time on drawing detailed people and more on coming up with great ideas. Here’s a really great example:


It has a mix of programming and drinking humor. Though the drawing is simple but detailed enough that you can figure out what is going on instantly. He makes a lot of mathematical and computer science jokes, but it never stops him from making political or silly jokes. He has quirks, like his fear of velociraptors, love of the show Firefly and wanting his very own a giant hamster ball. He also does incredible to-scale drawings of information and has done an extensive survey on colors.

His comics has caused some actions in the real world. People have created geohashing groups, made their houses velicoraptor proof and added functions in various programming languages based, all based on his comics.

Following his comic has given me new knowledge and new perspectives on life. I know a lot more about programming and mathematics because of him, I now laugh when anybody says “there’s gullible written on the ceiling” and I want a [citation need] sign. I am not surprised he makes a living off of this webcomic because I never get tired of his humor. It makes my Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings start off better. I hope people reading this will start enjoying his delightful comics as well.