XKCD is a webcomic, a series of cartoons posted on the web ,and is one of my favorites. The title is just a string of 4 words that has no meaning and isn’t an acronym for anything. The creator is Randall Monroe, a nerd, programmer, and artist. His comics consists only of stick figures as character, but that does not make him a bad artist. It just means that he spends less time on drawing detailed people and more on coming up with great ideas. Here’s a really great example:

from xckd.com

It has a mix of programming and drinking humor. Though the drawing is simple but detailed enough that you can figure out what is going on instantly. He makes a lot of mathematical and computer science jokes, but it never stops him from making political or silly jokes. He has quirks, like his fear of velociraptors, love of the show Firefly and wanting his very own a giant hamster ball. He also does incredible to-scale drawings of information and has done an extensive survey on colors.

His comics has caused some actions in the real world. People have created geohashing groups, made their houses velicoraptor proof and added functions in various programming languages based, all based on his comics.

Following his comic has given me new knowledge and new perspectives on life. I know a lot more about programming and mathematics because of him, I now laugh when anybody says “there’s gullible written on the ceiling” and I want a [citation need] sign. I am not surprised he makes a living off of this webcomic because I never get tired of his humor. It makes my Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings start off better. I hope people reading this will start enjoying his delightful comics as well.